Sports, Reportage
Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Jensen began his career as a photojournalist with a several years long stay during the seventies in Asia – first in Persia (today: Iran) and Afghanistan, then moved on to South East Asia – and upon returning to Denmark he took a Master’s in history.

Today, Ole is focused on current affairs within the Scandinavian region, but also covers environment, sports events, human interest and the Royals with great interest. Whatever the event is about, the feeling of having told a good story is what counts for him. But nothing can match having taken that one photo, which just captures the moment and tells the whole story, or the portrait of a person in an event which gives a glimpse of what is behind –whether that person is a President, a Royal or a homeless tramp.

His work and stories are primarily realized as photojournalistic reportages, which in addition to the individual picture captions may also contain supportive and well-researched writings, making his stories easy for end media editors to adapt in their publication.


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