SELECTED IMAGES is a specialized photographic agency and licensing platform that connects the world’s most exciting images with the cutting-edge brands, publications and agencies that are defining contemporary culture. We represent rights managed images covering Music & Arts, Sports, Portraiture and Reportage.


We offer a hand-selected, highly curated archive of only the best images, establishing a high-end boutique brand, renowned for unique photography, exclusive work and quality, rather than quantity. Less is more! We are a premium specialist, not a generalist. We combine an extraordinary range of individual styles into one outstanding archive. Only the most iconic and distinctive images of the highest quality will make it into our archive. Our goal is to beat the trend of ever-expanding, confusing and unmanageable archives housing millions if not hundreds of millions of images, giving each image or story back its value, and each of our contributors back his or her worth!


Clients can find images more easily, as you don’t have to browse through millions of images of little value or quality. You will know you can find outstanding content only, and you can find it effortlessly. Contributors won't get buried and lost in masses of images. But each contributor will be taken care of and handled personally, as will be your valued work. We don't want to look after millions of images, and we don't want to work with hundreds of photographers, but a distinctive group. Each contributor, each story can and will get promoted and showcased to our clients as a result, raising the chance for them to sell. Over 90% of all images in our archive are exclusively with SELECTED IMAGES. We offer a worldwide network of photographers, and all of them can be booked for assignment productions.

Images are only available to Selected Images account holders and all fees are negotiated individually and privately. As a company, we are a small, individual, independent enterprise, believing in the power and energy of personal contact and collective effort, when everyone else seems to be going big and corporate. We are unafraid to swim against the prevailing currents.



  • RM content only: Rights management for the entire archive. Clarity for all usages and licensing rights.

  • Archive is 90% exclusive: Unique images that make your projects special and give them an island position.

  • Highly selected archive: No masses of images with little value. Find images relevant to you easily and effortlessly.

  • Quality over quantity: Hand selected, curated archive with only outstanding images. The best images are here!

  • Right clearance service: We take care of clearing the rights for your commercial usages, as fast as possible.

  • Personal contact: Speak with us personally about offers, fees and get help with your image research.

  • Assignment productions: Material tailored to your needs, produced by our global network of photographers. 


  • Highly curated archive: be found and be seen, and don't get buried in millions of images and thousands of contributors.

  • Personal contact and communication: you won't talk to a machine, and don't have to wait for months to get a response.

  • Get seen by the worlds media: we promote and showcase every contributor, story & feature.

  • Premium prices: no penny sales! No flat-rate or subscription deals! But money for value!

  • Global reach: we work with thousands of clients around the globe, in publishing, ad agencies, content production and music.

  • Infringement of copyrights: we track usages and make sure they are paid for.

  • You are valued! Your work matters! And we treat you like that! Through immediate, personal contact.

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Photographer Manuel Blondeau joins Selected Images



Photographer Colin McPherson joins Selected Images


Colin McPherson works independently as a photographer as well as being a member of the Document Scotland collective. He began his career in newspapers and magazines in his native Edinburgh before relocating to north-west England in 2004.


His photojournalism has taken him to all five continents, however, his work has evolved over 30 years to include long-term photographic projects, exhibitions and teaching workshops as well as incorporating writing and filmmaking into his practice. In 2017-18 he was one of two official photographers for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay, a year-long assignment which took him around the world working in more than 30 countries.

He is currently working on a number of projects, including his ongoing homage to English football entitled When Saturday Comes and for Document Scotland's exhibition at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol entitled A Contested Land, which opens in January 2019 and will tour thereafter.

Photographer Sergio Infuso joins Selected Images


Sergio Infuso is a Graphic Designer and a professional photographer based in Milan. After a more classical study, which give him great analytical skills, he was destined for a more creative path. His photography passion, which has also become a profession, accompanies him in parallel to his work as a graphic designer, with a specialization in Brand Consultancy for over twenty years.


As a photographer he mainly covers music, shows and events, but also portraits and reportages. He has photographed hundreds of concerts in small clubs as well as in stadiums. Italian and foreign groups and artists of all kinds have passed through its objectives in the last 10 years.

Photographer Alison Scott joins Selected Images


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA,  Alison first worked for her college newspaper, The Daily Aztec. She learned to draw readership to an article by taking an eye-catching photo.  Alison’s style and technique won her several photojournalism awards in San Diego, CA.


Alison was a staff photographer with the AVP and photographed PBR events for several years.  Concerts are still her favorite assignments, her pinnacle shoots being the Beastie Boys in the 90’s and more recently, Motorhead, shortly before Lemmy’s passing.

Photographer Edward Le Poulin joins Selected Images


Edward is a professional photographer and Artist. He started taking photographs at 14 years old. After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Art and Media Technology Masters Program at MIT he started working as a full-time professional photographer with a focus on entertainment and fashion.


He became a mainstay in the NYC fashion world for over 11 years. His photographs has been widely recognized and published in hundreds of magazines and syndicated worldwide. In 2017, he was awarded an Artist Fellowship Grant by the Washington, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for his work in abstract photography. His first abstract photography show “Seeing Without Eyes” in 2014 was a grand success. He loves people, light and capturing the moment.

Today he provides photographic coverage across many photographic genre’s including LGBTQ events, Human Rights, corporate, and private events.

Photographer Rolf Kosecki joins Selected Images


Rolf Kosecki describes himself as an all-rounder with a fondness for the beautiful sides of the sport. He has photographed 11 Olympic Games and countless World and European Championships. His pictures can be found worldwide in magazines, newspapers, books and in advertising. National and international photo awards confirm his extraordinary work.



Photoproductions on location, in the studio, travel and sports reports as well as workshops for Leica Academy determine his work.

Photographer Andrea Franceschini joins Selected Images


Andrea Franceschini graduated in law, but is now a photojournalist for more than 15 years, and has collaborated with Italian and foreign agencies including Photomasi, Demotix, Corbis and Getty Images, in addition to Selected Images.


He is also an accredited photographer to the Vatican for 6 years now, the Rome Fashion Weeks, the Rome Film Festival and the RBS 6 Nations Rugby. Several photographic reportage stories including the Waitangi Day of the Maori people in New Zealand and the ALMA Astronomical Observatory in the Atacama Desert in Chile are amongst his notable reportage work. He is widely published in numerous national and international publications including Panorama, International, Wall Street Journal, New York Time, the Guardian, Theglobalobservatory, the Economist.

Photographer Adli Ghazali joins Selected Images


Adli Ghazali is a Malaysian freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. Coming from the aviation industry background, he started to become serious with photography after he was selected as one of a few young and emerging Asian photographers to attend the prestigious Angkor Photo Festival workshop in 2011, and being awarded 1st runner-up for his photo-story.


Having served both local and international agencies, Adli is passionate in capturing the essence of human struggle, delving deeper into the mysteries of the unspoken words.

His strong work covers a wide range of subject from news, sports, documentary, portraiture and commercial photography. Adli’s work has been published by The Guardian UK, CNBC, The Telegraph, Formula1Pulse, Asia Times, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Astufoto, Majalah Harimau Selatan, The B- Side Magazine, Photojournale, Amnesty International (Malaysia), TokyoFashion and many others.

Photographer Gerlach Delissen joins Selected Images



Photographer Biserka Livaja joins Selected Images


Biserka Livaja has been an entertainment and events photographer in Toronto for over 30 years. She has photographed the Toronto International Film Festival, the MuchMusic Video Awards, The Canadian Screen Awards and the Juno Awards as well as private functions and corporate events.


Biserka was the house photographer for Holt Renfrew for 12 years documenting guest designers, special events and private parties at the high-end store. Other clients she has worked for are Hugo Boss, Rogers , Luminato and ACTRA to name a few .She worked for Flare Magazine as the "Flare was There" photographer for 6 years. She also had a regular column in Eye Weekly and Metropolis . Her photographs have been published in both local and international magazines as well as books.

Biserka continues to document the Toronto arts and music scene, corporate events, charities and fundraisers…and of course the celebrities that come to Toronto.

Photographer Rick D'Elia joins Selected Images


Based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Rick has spent three-decades working as a photojournalist documenting moments and stories in people’s lives, to help viewers better understand the stories and understand how others live.


After earning a bachelor of Science in journalism/photojournalism from Northern Arizona University, he began his professional career covering news, sports, features and essays at a Connecticut newspaper in 1989. His work has been published world-wide in, among many, Time, Life, The Guardian, Le Monde, the LA Times, London Times, USA Today, and many other major publications, news sites and books.

Rick also brings his photojournalistic talent to bear with international relief organizations such as Save the Children and Catholic Relief Services, documenting their work in 19 countries to date, including, Uganda, Rwanda, Albania, Brazil, Nicaragua, Cambodia and Mexico.

In 2004, while working in Uganda, Rick documented the war in Northern Uganda and its effect on the people for an exhibition funded by the US State Department. Profoundly inspired, he has pursued subsequent projects in parallel to daily work, returning to Africa multiple times, and traveling to three other continents in this endeavor.

Photographer Mishka joins Selected Images



Photographer Ole Jensen joins Selected Images


Ole Jensen began his career as a photojournalist with a several years long stay during the seventies in Asia – first in Persia (today: Iran) and Afghanistan, then moved on to South East Asia – and upon returning to Denmark he took a Master’s in history.


Today, Ole is focused on current affairs within the Scandinavian region, but also covers environment, sports events, human interest and the Royals with great interest. Whatever the event is about, the feeling of having told a good story is what counts for him. But nothing can match having taken that one photo, which just captures the moment and tells the whole story, or the portrait of a person in an event which gives a glimpse of what is behind –whether that person is a President, a Royal or a homeless tramp.

His work and stories are primarily realized as photojournalistic reportages, which in addition to the individual picture captions may also contain supportive and well-researched writings, making his stories easy for end media editors to adapt in their publication.

Photographer Davide Mombelli joins Selected Images

Davide was born at the end of the '70s, in the province of Brescia, Italy. He started shooting out of passion when he was very young. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, photography became his profession. He manages his photo studio in Italy now, mainly producing for commercial clients.

Always fascinated by the world of nature and sport, he is now mainly focused on the equestrian sector, following the most important events all around Europe for many years now. He is covering the World Cup competitions of all specialties, including Olympics disciplines, with a focus on the horse. He investigates the athletic gesture and the world around him.

Photographer Leo Mason joins Selected Images


Leo Mason became a London based professional photographer after an initial career in advertising. During a 40 year career he has contributors to Time Magazine, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Life Magazine, GQ USA, Today, Paris-Match, Stern, L’Equipe and all the world’s top magazines.


Historical sports coverage includes: 10 Summer Olympic Games, 5 Winter Olympic Games, 3 FIFA World Cups, 3 Americas Cups, 36 Wimbledon Tennis Championships, F1 Motor Racing, 3 Tour de France, 4 American Super Bowls, plus most of the worlds major and minor sporting events. He was photo press officer for the 1991 Rugby World Cup. Leo is an associated member of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and hold over 18 major photographic awards.
Since 2009, Leo has photographed some of the world’s best principal dancers and ballerina’s at Sadlers Wells and the London Coliseum. He has also shot all forms of contemporary dance company productions, and is a specialist in multiple exposure sports & dance photography.

Photographer Nick Walker joins Selected Images


We are pleased to announce the signing of photographer Nick Walker to SELECTED IMAGES. He is widely regarded as one of the World’s top golf photographers. Born into a golfing family, Nick left school to become an assistant professional golfer, playing to scratch. In 1993 he started a photo library concentrating on photographing the World’s top professional golfers.


His golf action images, taken at tournaments worldwide, prominently appeared each month in Golf Monthly magazine and various magazines across the world. His minimalist style of photography was the first choice for Golf Monthly’s instruction articles on how to play golf.

In addition to magazines, Nick’s images is published in National newspapers, books, on BBC T.V. and in major advertising. He also photographs, tennis, rugby, and cricket.

Photographer Russel Wong joins Selected Images


Russel Wong is one of the most profiled celebrity photographers in Asia, also referred to as "The Avedon of Asia". Educated in Los Angeles, Russel enjoys the acclaim of being the first Singaporean to break into the notoriously difficult Hollywood movie industry. He is also one of an elite group of photographers assigned to photograph covers for Time magazine, 17 to date.


From Presidents to Prime Ministers, he is popularly noted for his photographs of celebrities like Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li, Richard Gere and Isabella Rossellini, Russel has also photographed on Oscar winning films like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, “Hero“, “House of Flying Daggers“, and Ang Lee’s “Lust Caution“ just to name a few. His fine art prints have also been sold at the prestigious Christie’s auction house and have been collected by prominent people around the world.

Going back to his roots of sports photography, Russel returned to shooting Formula One, the Tour de France and other top sporting events. His most recent projects includes the global campaign called Peninsula Moments for the prestigious Peninsula Hotel Group, a book on iconic Japanese architect Kenzo Tange and a book on the geishas of Kyoto.

Photographer Andrea Francolini joins Selected Images


We are pleased to announce that photographer Andrea “Drew of Sydney” Francolini, a well-known sailing photographer, has joined Selected Images.

Now based in Sydney Australia, Andrea was born in Milan Italy, in the early 70’s and was educated in the USA and Switzerland. His freelance career has seen him working on every continent around the world, aided by his


fluent English, French and Italian. Starting his career in the graphic design industry in Europe, in past decade Andrea has specialized in yachting photography. His images are regularly published across Europe and in North America and in recent times heavily in the South Pacific.

Australian Capture Magazine included Andrea in their list of finalists of Top Australian Photographers in the years 2010 and 2009 which is voted by fellow photographers and people in the photographic industry.

He has covered many important sailing races worldwide such as the Route du Rhum, the Whitbread Race Around the World, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe Challenge, Louis Vuitton Cup, the Sydney to Hobart race, Skandia Geelong Race Week, Hamilton Island Race Week and all of Audi’s sailing events in Australia.

He is also the founder of My First School, an Australian charity which has the aim to facilitate education in northern Pakistan. Visit www.my-first-school.org

Photographer Henry Ruggeri joins Selected Images


Henry Ruggeri is an outstanding music photographer. His career started with a particular event: in 1989 he wanted to meet his favorite band THE RAMONES, so during the Italian leg of their tour, he simulated to be a professional photographer and managed to meet the band backstage. Their official fan club is Italian and was present (the only one worldwide acknowledged by their management), and asked him to join them and tour all over Europe.


He never stopped to be a professional photographer ever since. In early days, he divided his time spend with the management of a live club in Italy, but later left the club to dedicate his work to a photography carrier only, in 2005.

He has since photgraphed most of the greatest musicians of the last 2 decades: U2, Rolling Stones, James Brown, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Metallica, Oasis and many more. His pictures have been published in magazines all around the world. Since 2007, he is the official photographer of Virgin Radio Italy, the leading musical website in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.


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