SELECTED IMAGES is a specialized photographic agency and licensing platform that connects the world’s most exciting images with the cutting-edge brands, publications and agencies that are defining contemporary culture. We represent rights managed images covering Music & Arts, Sports, Portraiture and Reportage.


We offer a hand-selected, highly curated archive of only the best images, establishing a high-end boutique brand, renowned for unique photography, exclusive work and quality, rather than quantity. Less is more! We are a premium specialist, not a generalist. We combine an extraordinary range of individual styles into one outstanding archive. Only the most iconic and distinctive images of the highest quality will make it into our archive. Our goal is to beat the trend of ever-expanding, confusing and unmanageable archives housing millions if not hundreds of millions of images, giving each image or story back its value, and each of our contributors back his or her worth!


Clients can find images more easily, as you don’t have to browse through millions of images of little value or quality. You will know you can find outstanding content only, and you can find it effortlessly. Contributors won't get buried and lost in masses of images. But each contributor will be taken care of and handled personally, as will be your valued work. We don't want to look after millions of images, and we don't want to work with hundreds of photographers, but a distinctive group. Each contributor, each story can and will get promoted and showcased to our clients as a result, raising the chance for them to sell. Over 90% of all images in our archive are exclusively with SELECTED IMAGES. We offer a worldwide network of photographers, and all of them can be booked for assignment productions.

Images are only available to Selected Images account holders and all fees are negotiated individually and privately. As a company, we are a small, individual, independent enterprise, believing in the power and energy of personal contact and collective effort, when everyone else seems to be going big and corporate. We are unafraid to swim against the prevailing currents.



  • RM content only: Rights management for the entire archive. Clarity for all usages and licensing rights.

  • Archive is 90% exclusive: Unique images that make your projects special and give them an island position.

  • Highly selected archive: No masses of images with little value. Find images relevant to you easily and effortlessly.

  • Quality over quantity: Hand selected, curated archive with only outstanding images. The best images are here!

  • Right clearance service: We take care of clearing the rights for your commercial usages, as fast as possible.

  • Personal contact: Speak with us personally about offers, fees and get help with your image research.

  • Assignment productions: Material tailored to your needs, produced by our global network of photographers. 


  • Highly curated archive: be found and be seen, and don't get buried in millions of images and thousands of contributors.

  • Personal contact and communication: you won't talk to a machine, and don't have to wait for months to get a response.

  • Get seen by the worlds media: we promote and showcase every contributor, story & feature.

  • Premium prices: no penny sales! No flat-rate or subscription deals! But money for value!

  • Global reach: we work with thousands of clients around the globe, in publishing, ad agencies, content production and music.

  • Infringement of copyrights: we track usages and make sure they are paid for.

  • You are valued! Your work matters! And we treat you like that! Through immediate, personal contact.

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